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CTJT’s proofreading / editing course is used by some of the world’s largest businesses … and individuals like you. See client testimonials.

Clients include the United Nations Development Programme, Balfour Beatty and the Discovery Channel.

The course is the only one, anywhere, that trains you as a proofreader – and GUARANTEES you paid work to get you started.

When you qualify, we will provide you with:

This course works!

The course has already enabled many people to start careers as proofreaders and editors. And you can join them. Our promise of paid work will give you a vital head start.

There is plenty of work out there. Nearly every business and organisation needs someone to proofread their products. There are thousands of books, reports, dissertations, magazines, theses, websites and catalogues that need checking.

And the course will also improve your English, your punctuation and your spelling – key fundamentals for any job these days.

In a competitive jobs market, the fully accredited CTJT diploma in proofreading / editing will give you the edge.

Employers will welcome someone who has mastered basic English, who can work accurately – and who can check other people’s work, too.

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