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For people interested in pursuing a career in the challenging but rewarding industry of proofreading and copy-editing.

There are tens of professional proofreading and copy-editing courses available online and many more at colleges and training centres throughout the English speaking world. The quality of there courses and training programmes can vary greatly and it is important you choose one the right one for your own personal goals and needs.

In this section of the website, we offer guidance and information on how to find a useful and rewarding proofreading/copy-editing course.

Take the time to browse the following sections before making a decision on which proofreading/copy-editing course or training programme you choose.

Pages of interest

How to choose a proofreading course

Information and guidance on things you should consider before choosing a proofreading course. Learn more…

Proofreading and Editing Training

Interactive Training Ltd has been providing on-site proofreading courses for over 25 years with clients across the English-speaking world and from all sectors. Their training provides the skills that proofreaders need to identify and correct errors and to edit copy so that it achieves maximum impact.

Their one-day course is presented at their client’s premises and is tailored to meet their specific requirements. It is ideal training day for those responsible for checking documents for the errors of spelling, punctuation and grammar that can ruin good copy.

In an enjoyable, fast paced and informative day, attendees learn how proof-readers spot and correct errors and edit text to give it greater clarity and effectiveness, so that the copy gets the message across as powerfully as possible.

Those attending acquire the key proofreading and editing skills that will be a valuable resource for them, their colleagues and their organisations.

For further details, visit their Proofreading and Editing page or telephone 0115 9825315.

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